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We Have Created A Lot Of Good Ideas Together With Students.

We love what we do.

NEX Portfolio, affiliated to the NextStop Overseas-Study Consulting (下一站留学), provides the REVISION of the PORTFOLIO.

Tutors around World

We have many tutors in the areas of Architecture, Product design, Service design, Communication design, from POLIMI, Bartlett(UCL), UAL, etc.

Revision of the Portfolio

The structure and the graphic: how to tell of a project, highlight the core messages, and emphasize the systemic aspects of the project, suggestions on the graphic style, then all the details.


We will help you with your application for free.

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This is how we do it.

  • Brain Storm
  • Research
  • Logical Thinking
  • Relationship Map
  • Colors
  • Modelling
  • A Theme Through All Projects
  • Aesthetics
  • Skills Improving

About Us.

We are a visionary group of Futurists, Designers, and Realisers. We help our clients create memorable portfolios and connect more successfully with their applications. We like to encourage a spirit of collaboration with our clients, colleagues and suppliers which creates lasting relationships and enables us to deliver engaging and memorable environments and experiences..

Gency Li

Architecture Designer

Graduated from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, with a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design. (She created her Portfolio by herself during her own application in 2018)


Service Designer

Master candidate of Politecnico di Milano, majoring in PRODUCT SERVICE SYSTEM DESIGN(Service Design). (She created her Portfolio by herself during her own application in 2018). Graduated from CAA, China, with a Bachelor’s degree in Design.


Industrial Designer

Graduated from Central Saint Martins(UAL), UK, with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design. He also held offers from RCA/Loughborough/Edinburgh in 2019.


More designers

Alumni from Bartlett(UCL)/RCA/UAL/GSA/POLIMI/Columbia..., Majoring in Interior Design/Communication Design/Fashion Design/Architecture...

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Our Cases.



Offer:POMILI, Architecture and Urban Design(AUD), 2019Fall
Tutor:Gency Li, POMILI AUD 19'

Yu Yu


Offer:UAL, MA Service Design, 2020Fall
Tutor:Fancy, POMILI PSSD 20'



Offer: Brunel(Integrated Product Design), GSA (服务设计-面试), 2020Fall
Tutor:Fancy, POMILI PSSD 20'


3 persons

3 Offers: POLIMI, AUD, 19Fall; POLIMI, Architectural Design and History, 19Fall; Sapienza University of Rome (罗马一大), 古建筑保护(Architecture(Conservation)"), 20Fall
Tutor:高小猫, POMILI, Architectural Design and History, 19'


We have a very resonable price for our clients. Because we believe learning is mutual and we will always learn from our clients.


取决于您需要多少辅导 来完成整套作品集


套餐1:¥ 8800 15课时
  套餐2:¥ 15000 30课时
  套餐3:¥ 28000 65课时
       套餐4:¥ 40000 Unlimited


未录取,套餐1234分别退费500, 1500, 4000, 5000元


We do not ask for ANY success fee in case the application is accepted.

Getting in touch.

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